Node.js Secure Coding:

Mitigate and Weaponize Code Injection Vulnerabilities

Master the Art of Code Injection in JavaScript by learning:

Learn AppSec jargon: RCE, ACE, Arbitrary Code Injection, CVE, CWE, Exfiltration, Exploitation, Attack Vectors and more

How attacks exploit JavaScript applications through insecure Code Injection sinks and sources

Why, how and when eval() and new Function() are a breeding ground for Code Injection attacks

How to exploit require and import as security sinks and gain code execution at runtime in JavaScript SSR and Node.js

How to avoid weak code injection patterns

How JavaScript serialization are often exploited

Demystifying JavaScript sandboxing with Node.js vm module and other vulnerable APIs and how attackers bypass them

Burst the bubble of false sense of security in npm dependencies that promise an isolated sandbox environment for JavaScript

Analyze real-world Code Injection vulnerabilities found in npm packages and how to fix them

Gain security expertise and adopt secure coding best practices in building JavaScript and Node.js applications

Node.js Secure Coding: Mitigate and Weaponize Code Injection Vulnerabilities
  • 126 Pages
  • 3 Vulnerable npm Packages
  • 50 Self-assessment Questions
  • 8 Chapters
  • Light & Dark Mode ebook edition
  • Published on May 1st 2024
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Thomas Manuel Yoni Tally Mateo Sergio Manu Hung Kriakos Sophia Daniel David Miguel Joachim Jesús DiMilan Ashif Ivan Heru Ngoran +99

Join Kyriakos, Sergio, Mateo, and hundreds of developers who learn from Liran Tal

Get trained on secure coding techniques that are hacker-proof and build unbreakable Node.js and Server-side JavaScript apps.

by top Node.js developers

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"I have finished reading Node.js Secure Coding from Liran Tal. I read the whole thing in an hour without realizing it. I learned and discovered a few things along the way. I laughed at the IFS, didn't see it coming."

Thomas Gentilhomme

Thomas Gentilhomme

Node.js lead at MyUnisoft, Node Security WG

"Liran Tal, your book on Node.js security is an absolute gem! The abundance of real-world examples with commented fixes is incredibly valuable. Your practical solutions have enlightened me, especially the discovery of the shell-quote module! Recommended to all Node.js developers!"

Manuel Spigolon

Manuel Spigolon

Senior Software Developer at NearForm

"I wholeheartedly enjoyed working and learning from Liran's expertise in securing applications. With extensive experience speaking at global conferences and actively contributing code to the community, he is a true authority in the field. I highly endorse both his enlightening book and engaging workshop, as they are invaluable resources for anyone looking to enhance their understanding and implementation of application security"

Yoni Goldberg

Yoni Goldberg

Software Architect, Node.js Specialist

"Liran Tal just published a new book about Node.js secure coding. It is worth taking a look at!"

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia

Cybersecurity & API Security Consultant

"I highly recommend the new Node.js Secure Coding book published by Liran Tal. Covers not only Node.js but also gives you another perspective on how to achieve good and secure applications, especially with understanding and handling SAST vulnerabilities. Liran - CHAPEAU!"

Eli (Tom) Lelonek

Eli (Tom) Lelonek

Application Security Manager at Allot

"Got my copy of Node.js secure coding! I already know I'll learn a lot 🔥"

Marco Ippolito

Marco Ippolito

Node.js Collaborator & Developer Experience Engineer @NearForm

"A very interesting book that I recommend if you are in the Node.js world is "Node.js Secure Coding" by Liran Tal. Laid out with explanations, examples and tips. Warmly recommended."

Diego Betto

Diego Betto

Founder & Senior Fullstack Developer

"Read trough first 3 chapters last night, nice work Liran!"

Aranđel Šarenac

Aranđel Šarenac

12+ years developer, focusing on Identity Security

"Highly recommend Liran Tal's ebooks for any Node developers who are serious about security (which should be all of you!)"

Alicia Sykes

Alicia Sykes

Principal Engineer @AND Digital

"Started reading the Prevention and Exploitation of Path Traversal and I am very happy with the quality. It is connecting me to some knowledge I had from working in AV company and now with code, very interesting."

Yana Ifraimov

Yana Ifraimov

NOC Engineer @Skai

"Advice: purchase both and read them end to end. At first they seem very topical and tied to a single family of vulnerabilities each, but Liran does amazing job at going deep, showing variety of real world exploits, how to remediate and code defensively better. 10/10 recommend"

Aranđel Šarenac

Aranđel Šarenac

12+ years developer, focusing on Identity Security

"Node.js security rock-star Liran Tal drops another book on how to ship safe Node.js applications. I know it's hard to tell sometimes where to start from when it comes to security, as the internet is flooded with content. Well, look no more - trust content composed by Liran"

Gal Weizman

Gal Weizman

Browser JS Application Security at MetaMask & LavaMoat

"It's not every day that you can pay less than $20 for years of security wisdom. Just got this and will be using the book during my streams to improve my code."

Ray Fernando

Ray Fernando

AI app at, ex-Apple Engineer

"The amount of content covering advanced topics in Node.js is so little, makes this a must-read"

Ruan Martinelli

Ruan Martinelli

Product engineer, Full-stack Freelancer & Consultant

"Outstanding book, can't wait."

Tiger Abrodi

Tiger Abrodi

TypeScript fanatic

"I've followed Liran Tal's work for years and definitely one of the top experts in Node.js security! Give these a look as they are essential for anyone serious about securing their Node.js applications."

Zac Rosenbauer

Zac Rosenbauer

CTO & Co-founder at Joggr

Liran Tal

Meet Liran Tal, the Author.

Security Analyst for the Node.js Foundation

In his role as a security analyst in the Node.js Foundation's Security Working Group, Liran reviewed hundreds of vulnerability reports for npm packages and established processes for responsible security disclosures and vulnerability triage 🏴‍☠️.

Education is a core practice

Passionate about educating developers on application security and secure coding practices, Liran is a world-wide international speaker, workshop instructor, and author of several books on the subject. He occasionally speaks on software security topics at academic institutions, such as presenting to students at the Electrical and Computer Engineering School at Purdue University 🎓.

Award-winning GitHub Star ⭐️

Liran received the GitHub Star recognition award from GitHub for his work educating and inspiring developers and actively advocating for web security.

Recipient of the Pathfinder for Security Award 🎖️

Honored by the OpenJS Foundation with the Pathfinder for Security Award, Liran is recognized for his work advancing Node.js security.

I'm a Security Researcher

An accomplished security researcher, Liran has disclosed security vulnerabilities in various open source software projects, including being credited with CVEs to his name for vulnerabilities in npm packages with millions of downloads.

Acclaimed Recognition at Black Hat

Liran's discovery in supply chain security research, including Lockfile Injection, was presented at the prestigious Black Hat Europe 2021 cybersecurity conference. Liran is also the creator of several developer security tooling projects such as npq, is-website-vulnerable, and snync, which help developers and enterprises defend against dependency confusion attacks.

About Liran Tal

Liran Tal is an accomplished software developer, respected security researcher, and prominent advocate for open source software in the JavaScript community. As an experienced author and educator, Liran has written several widely respected books on software security. These include "Serverless Security" published by O'Reilly, as well as the self-published titles "Essential Node.js Security" and "Web Security: Learning HTTP Security Headers". Liran's leadership in open source security includes significant contributions to OWASP projects, recording supply chain security incidents at the CNCF, and various OpenSSF initiatives. Currently, Liran is a developer advocate at Snyk where he empowers developers with the knowledge and tools needed to build and deploy secure software.

Liran is a tireless advocate for security in the JS ecosystem. He works hard to build bridges, educate developers about security issues, and support Open Source projects working to improve their security posture. Liran has served on the Node security team and is always available to support developers!

by the OpenJS Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn Node.js security best practices?

I wrote this book first and foremost as a Node.js coding best practices so you can apply secure coding conventions. You can think of it as a Node.js security checklist that you can apply at work or in your own projects.

Will I learn about Node.js security vulnerabilities?

Yes, more than you realized. Forget common Node.js security tutorials and generic security guides - experience true security expertise with this hands-on approach that will analyze actual npm packages that were found vulnerable, some of which you may use today in your projects, and learn why they were vulnerable and how to fix insecure code.

What programming level is required to benefit from this book?

This book doesn't assume any prior knowledge of security nor advanced knowledge of Node.js. It opens with a short introduction to application security, then to Command Injection class of vulnerabilities, and continues to deep-dive into publicly-known vulnerable npm package versions. You will read a lot of code and learn why it's insecure, and how to fix it.

Can it help with Node.js API security?

Probably. As a backend developer, you may need to resort to process execution APIs such as exec() or spawn() in order to perform image processing off the main thread, or other use-cases. You will learn how to secure your Node.js APIs in reference to preventing common Command Injection pitfalls and insecure coding.

Can I contact the author for additional help or questions?

Yes, anytime. I'm always happy to help! Reach out to me here [liran at lirantal dot com].

Does this book focus on other secure Node.js aspects?

No, it focuses specifically and entirely on Command Injection vulnerabilities and how to prevent them. Regardless, it will likely teach you about application security topics and Node.js security best practices that you can apply in your own projects.

Hands-On Node.js Security

Master secure coding in Node.js with real-world vulnerable dependencies and experience secure coding firsthand